Lost words in Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC)

Patients find opioid-induced constipation (OIC) painful, debilitating – and very embarrassing to talk about. But when patients don’t talk about OIC and doctors aren’t sure what to ask, too many important feelings become lost.

Our research showed that around 80% of doctors felt that OIC was either not really a problem or was easily resolved, the reality for many patients was starkly different – and often very painful.

The Lost Words campaign, hubbed around the OICVOICED website, highlighted this. It helped HCPs to understand more about the distress of OIC.

The facts behind opioid-induced constipation

  • Only 1 in 3 patients were satisfied with laxatives as a solution to OIC
  • More than 1 in 3 said they hated having to balance side effects with analgesia
  • Almost 1 in 5 often cut down their opioid dose to manage their OIC
  • 1 in 5 said that the felt overwhelmed by OIC
  • Just over a quarter said that they actually discussed their OIC with their doctor